At Stepping Stones we want to see your child growing intellectually, emotionally and physically so we give many opportunities to allow your child to learn, interact and play! When the children are outside they are not only playing they are learning. Our teachers use this time to expand on their lessons and encourage hands on learning. 

Toddler Playground

Our toddler playground is soft, safe and fun with plenty of room for our little ones who are still perfecting their walk. We provide a variety toys and activities to allow for many different learning opportunities. Low climbing equipment and shade trees make for a perfect playtime experience for your toddler. 

Preschool Playground

Our preschool playground offers a safe and fun environment for your child. Along with gross motor skills our children are learning social skills. Children learn social skills by interacting with other children, with adults, with objects and even with natural materials found in the environment. Our playground has quiet areas, sensory tables and toys available to encourage hands on learning and give a variety of activities for the children to participate in. (806) 747-6688, 2433 26th Street Lubbock, Texas 79411 © CPC, Inc. 2011